Frequently Asked Questions

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 Here at Coppergate we want you to relax in the knowledge that your furry best friend will be well cared for. But sometimes you just need to know a bit more. Do you have a question about our luxury kennels or luxury cattery? Then please read the Q&A’s below. If we haven’t covered your query, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

Q: What are your opening times?

A: Our current opening hours for arrivals and departures are:

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Sunday: Closed


Q:Will my pet be safe at Coppergate?

 A: Both our luxury kennels and cattery are fitted with fire and burglar alarms. We also have two sets of secured gates which are locked at night and the whole property is monitored by CCTV. There is always a member of our team on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and entry to the kennels and cattery is only allowed when accompanied by a member of our team. Also all of our outdoor play-areas are fully fenced and enclosed to offer full security whilst our guests are having fun outside.   

Q: My pet loves attention. Will he/she be cuddled and played with while staying at Coppergate?

 A: All our guests receive plenty of human contact whilst they are staying with us and, along as they are willing, we are more than happy to give cuddles! Please advise us if they enjoy any games or activities so we can make their stay with us as fun as possible! 

Q: What can I bring with my pet to make him/her feel at home?

 A: At Coppergate we try to make things easier for you when you bring your pets to stay with us. That's why we provide bowls, beds, bedding, toys, leads and for cats litter tray and litter. We encourage our guests to bring along their favourite toys with them, as long as they are safe and chew-proof. We do ask that you don't bring bedding with you as we have a strict hygiene policy and limited laundry facilities, we prefer to use our own soft and cosy veterinary bedding which is easily changed and washed. If you would like to bring one small item such a blanket or t-shirt which has your scent on it you can, but we cannot guarantee it will be returned. 

Q. Are the kennels/cattery heated?

 A: Yes. All of our indoor luxury kennel suites feature underfloor heating in the bedroom area and as well as a personal headlamp. Our main kennel areas feature a heat recovery system to keep the air fresh and a central heating system. For those warm summer months we also have air conditioning to keep our guests cool if the sun decides to make an appearance! Our indoor luxury cattery is also fully insulated and heated and each spacious apartment is individually heated to our guests specifications.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm on holiday in the area. Can I take my dog out for the day whilst they are staying with you?

 A: Yes of course. We have many guests who stay with us whilst their owners are holidaying in the Scarborough, Whitby, Malton, Bridlington or York area. You are welcome to take your dog out through the day between our normal opening hours Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. Please speak to a member of our team for more details. 

Q. Do you accept elderly guests?

 A: Yes we do. We have four quieter kennel suites for guests who no longer enjoy the more lively environment of our main kennel area. And as our kennel suites are fully heated, with underfloor heating in the bedroom area, our older guest will be cosy. Please speak to a member of staff about your pets needs at the time you make your booking. 

Q: Can I come and view the kennels/cattery?

 A: Absolutely, in fact recommend it! We always suggest you view any kennels or cattery you are considering as every pet is different and you need to be sure you find the right environment for them. 

You are welcome to view Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 2:30pm, no appointment necessary. If a kennels/cattery is unwilling to let you view or insists you make an appointment you may wish to reconsider boarding your pets there, as most reputable establishments prefer you visit them. 

Q: Can my pet stay with you over the Christmas/New Year Period?

 A: Yes of course! Christmas and New Year is one of our busiest seasons. We board animals year round but we do not allow animals to be dropped off or collected on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day and we have limited hours on New Years Eve. For full details about our festive hours please speak to a member of our team. 

Q: Can I collect my dog/cat outside of your opening hours?

 A: Unfortunately no. As our normal daily routine is very active for our guests, they do need their rest at night. If we allowed collections or arrivals outside our normal hours our guests would be very tired as they do really need their beauty sleep! If for some reason you are unable to collect your pet during our opening hours on the day they are due to check out, don't worry we have never thrown out any of our guests for overstaying! If possible please let us know if you are unable to collect them on the arranged day so we can be sure they will be served their evening meal and bedtime treats!   

Q: My dog loves to play with other dogs, do the dogs mix together?

 A: No, for safety we do not mix dogs that are not from the same household. Dogs are from the same household are more than welcome to share together, but unfortunately we are unable to allow dogs for different households to share together, even if they are best friends. If your dog's best doggie friend is also staying with us we can walk them together and allow them to have supervised playtime in our secure play areas if they would like. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My cat likes to go out at night, is this possible?

 A: Our luxury cattery is completely indoor for added security, so unfortunately your cat would not be able to roam outside at night. But don't worry each of our spacious apartments feature individual windows with views of the National Park so there is always plenty of exciting wildlife to watch at night to keep your cat entertained.

Q: My cat is a house-cat who has never been outside can he/she still stay with you?

 A: As our luxury cattery is indoor house-cats we feel right at home. Of course all cats who board with us would still need to be fully vaccinated. Please note for a cat to be fully vaccinated for licensing requirements they must have had a booster vaccination or both parts of a kitten vaccination course completed within the last 12 months. 

Q: My bitch in season, can she still board?

 A: Yes, we never mix dogs that are not from the same household so she would have no contact with other dogs. Of course if she was boarding with a male dog from the same household who is entire we might suggest they stay in two separate kennels, unless you were hoping for puppies!

Q: My dog/cat is on medication will you be able to administer it?

 A: Yes our experienced team are happy to administer medication. Please  speak to a member of our team about your pets requirements.  

Q: What if there is a problem whilst I'm away?

 A: We always hope we would not encounter any problems, however as a precaution when you book your dog in we will ask for your contact number and also a UK emergency contact number and your pet's veterinary details. In the event of an emergency we would contact you or your emergency contact. 

Q: Do you do doggie day care?

 A: Yes, we offer doggie day care Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm. Whether you need to get to that important business meeting, have a day at the shops planned, or are holidaying with your dog in the area and want to do some non-dog related activities we can keep your pooch entertained while you are busy. Please speak with a member of our team to book. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What vaccinations does my dog/cat need?

 A: All animals must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination must be provided at the time of the booking and retained throughout the boarding period. Please note for a dog or cat to be fully vaccinated for licensing requirements they must have had a booster vaccination or both parts of a puppy/kitten vaccination course completed within the last 12 months. 

Q: What about Kennel Cough?

 A: We do not insist that your dog has had the Kennel Cough vaccination in order to stay at Coppergate. The reason we don't insist on it is because the vaccination is not perfect.  Kennel Cough is caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus and the vaccine does not protect against every strain meaning that even if your dog has had the vaccination they can still get, albeit a much milder case, Kennel Cough. Also as it is a live vaccination some dogs can have a reaction to it. We leave it up to the owners discretion, but as Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus are airborne we cannot prevent it from being brought into the kennels and we cannot be held responsible if any dog contracts Kennel Cough whilst boarding with us. If you do have your dog vaccinated against Kennel Cough they would need to have it at least 2 weeks before they are due to board with us. If you have any further questions about Kennel Cough please speak to a member of our team or your vet.   

Q: Can I bring my dogs/cats own food?

 A: Yes you are welcome to bring in their own food. Fridge and freezers are available if you wish to bring raw or chilled food. Please ensure it is labelled with your pets name and that you bring enough to cover your pets entire stay, we always suggest providing more than they would need just in case you are delayed when you are due to collected them. We also stock a range of premium dried and wet foods if you chose not to provide their own diet. Feeding times are kept as close as possible to your pets normal routine.   

Q: What happens when I bring my dog/cat?

 A: We will ask you to complete a booking form with your and your pets details. If your pet is on medication please let us know what they need. We will also take photocopies of their up to date vaccination records. One of our friendly team members will then take your pet and settle them into their accommodation.   

Q: My dog has never stayed in kennels before and he/she is nervous what should I do?

 A: We would recommend a trail stay if your dog is nervous. Trial stays can be very beneficial for dogs that are nervous, new to boarding or have been rescued. We suggest a 2 night/3 day period during a quiet time of the year so we have extra time to introduce your dog to our routine and to get to know their personality. This will give us a good idea whether your dog will be happy to board with us while you are away. If your dog is happy the next time your dog comes to stay it will be easier for all concerned. However, there are a few dogs who do not adapt well to boarding and if we feel this is the case with your dog, we will be honest about it as we don't want unhappy boarders or clients. Please speak to a member of our team if you are interested in a trial stay.   

Q: What payment do you accept?

 A: We accept all major debit, credit cards & cash. Unfortunately we no longer accept cheques.