Terms & Conditions


 All animals must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination must be provided at the time of the booking and retained throughout the boarding period. Please note for a dog or cat to be fully vaccinated for licensing requirements they must have had a booster vaccination or both parts of a puppy/kitten vaccination course completed within the last 12 months. We strongly recommend that all dogs are protected against Kennel Cough. Please ensure that these vaccinations are given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding, in case your dog reacts to the vaccine.   


 Included in our pricing structure is a provision for veterinary insurance with Petplan. There are however some exclusions to this provision, including hereditary illnesses, those aged 8 or over, and previous or chronic ailments, which are not covered by our policy and pet owners will be expected to settle their own account in full. Insurance to cover visits of 30 days or more would need to be discussed. Any illness reported after departure is limited to 72 hours after the termination of agreed boarding period.   

Treatment For Worms, Fleas & Ticks

 Although our beautiful National Park setting makes for lovely walkies and views it does also mean a lot of wildlife, and also an increase in worm, flea and tick activity. Therefore all animals boarding with us must have had effective treatment to protect against worms, fleas and ticks given during the month before boarding. Any animal found to have worms, fleas or ticks will be given effective treatment and the pets owners will bear the cost at time of departure. 

Boarding Fees & Cancellation Policy

 All of our charges are per day and not per night and are subject to VAT at the current rate. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure any booking. We regret that unless we receive 2 weeks written notice of your pet's boarding cancellation you may be responsible for part or the full amount of the intended boarding period.    

Refusal Of Boarding Policy

 On the rare occasion we feel an animal is not safe we reserve the right to refuse to board any animal which we consider unfit or unsuitable for boarding. This is for the protection of our other boarders, our staff and also the animal in question. We want all our guests to be happy, healthy and safe during their stay at Coppergate. 

Animal Sharing & Boarding Policy

 At Coppergate only animals from the same household will be allowed to board together. We reserve to right to separate any animals if any circumstances arise which endanger the safety of the animals or our staff. In the event that any animals require further kennels or cattery accommodation as a result the owner will be responsible for any extra boarding fees. All customers are reminded that all animals are boarded at the owner's own risk.   

Full Terms & Conditions

Our full Terms & Conditions can be found below. Please feel free to download a copy.

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